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The Highway Scoop

Da Coast Highway
Monkeyboy Jones

Late one morning Monkeyboy woke up in the tarpatch, and walked down to the highway. His head was bangin' somethin' fierce; he needed a drink. Squizzin' his gogglers up and down the heat-shimmerin' stretch of blackpitch, already bethrotted by motorin' nobbins and wanderin' wannanuffins, he arched his brawny back and took in the scoop.


Is there a nearby nobbin I can impress with my muscles?

testguy's picture

There are two nearby nobbins: one a short piddly one with wigglish googlies, the other tall and vipid with an air of mascuidalence. Their snippy doggo yarps and wubbles in loops 'round their pink piggies. They chew their gum and twist their twinery locksnips. The day is blusterhot and you're feelin' a smidge warbly. Make a muscly roll to flex them thumpers. Beat 4.

Flexxin' like Vesuvius Brown!

Muscly 4
I rolled 4d6.takehighest(1), the result is 5, 5, 4, 3 = 5.

testguy's picture

You're markin' tarkus, my friend. Both of the vapish nubulums squish their bulby squonchers and begin to fluttervate tigglishly. An ace up the hand is worth a sixpocket of nostrums. Your hangworthy factor has increased by twelve.

Suddenly a snorpish stranger becedes upon the triumphusphere, snargling and besticulating. The stranger's wiry tuft flashes hedonically, engaging you in an inopportune fisticuff. Roll Getchagotcha. I'll give you a +1 for the shimmers and groove, so beat 3.

Hokay, mamajama!

here goes...
I rolled 3d6.takehighest(1)+1, the result is 6, 5, 1, 1 = 7.


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