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We still need a long term solution

Would it really be that egregious to create a mirror of the site somewhere? My impression was that the SG moderation team would be fine with it so long as it wasn’t interactive (not an active forum, in other words).


At one point I suggested making a copy of it here, but disabling comments in that subforum. I believe that still got a no because it indirectly would benefit traffic on this site, and that would give me an unfair advantage over any other S-Gers who were starting their own alternate destinations. That's just a theory, mind you, but it jibes with my understanding of James' understated altruism, non-profiting, and fairness.


I can certainly see that argument, but does it really outweigh the value of all the content that so many people put so much time into creating, and that will be lost as a result? I feel like the contributors of that content should have a right to at least a strong opinion on the matter. We are its authors, after all.

As for lending an unfair advantage to a forum, that would imply that so long as the hypothetical new/sub forum had its own URL and no obvious link to an existing forum, there would be no objections. Right?

I'm a little confused...


I understand that the curators at the former Story-Games feel they have accomplished what they set out to do, have made their mark and wish to let others have their say. There is something very admirable in that decision and action. Someone even used the word Altruism, yet I'm not really seeing altruism in the willful benign loss of hard won insights and accumulation of wisdom and ideas. If the curators no long wish to steer conversations and bear the heavy and frequently thankless burden of moderation more power to them. The concern that to let the library of accumulated thought to continue to exist would somehow choke off opportunities of fledgling discussion boards flies in the face of millenia of Western academic practice and history. Its like letting the Library of Alexandria fall into decay and dust simply because someone else is building a university. That new "university" would benefit from the continued existence of the “old” library as would all the "students". Why send everyone back to reinventing the wheel? To freely make available the accumulated knowledge/wisdom is altruistic. To allow everyone the same access is to put everyone on equal footing. Anything less would be a terrible loss for those actually contributed and those in the future who have not yet read what was thought about before them.

Bless the curators of Story-Games for putting the site together and their hard work over the years, but letting everyone's writings disappear into the destructive haze of time, is, to me, not the height of altruism, however well meant their intentions. It is purposeful, however benign, destruction of knowledge and to me that is a tragic loss for everyone. No one comes out for the better in that outcome.



Thanks, Jay

That is how I feel, as well. And very well said.


Hi friends,

I dropped in on the ArchiveBot IRC channel and briefly explained the situation. They have added Story-Games to their crawler pipeline, so the site should be archived to the Wayback Machine ( sometime in the near future. This was one of the options that James approved for long-term archiving.

I'm not sure how long the process would take, but I'd expect if you check back to this page in a week or two you should see all the threads archived.


That's great news, Billy. Thank you for doing that!

For the sake of being thorough, let me know if I'm right or wrong on any of these:

1. All of the Story Games threads will end up archived, as a result. It will be possible to read them for the foreseeable future (?).

2. It will NOT be possible to search the archive in any way (you will need the URL of any thread you wish to read in order to find it in the archive).

3. It will NOT be possible to use Categories (e.g. "Best of Story Games"), lists of various sorts, or to find threads by author.

Is that about right?


I believe it will archive all public-facing sections of the website (i.e., any page you could access without logging in). That should include the front page (showing recent threads), user pages (e.g., like this, but more up to date) and category pages (like this).

I don't think the search function will work (since I assume it depends on the forum's back-end server, which will not be preserved). So you would not be able to search by keywords - for that, you would be better off searching the raw threads from Jeph's archive.

As for the forseeable future, it should be up as long as the Internet Archive continues to exist. Your guess is as good as mine, but it is certainly their mission to preserve the archive for as long as possible.


Good to know. Not ideal, but it’s something!

Very, very (very) late...

Hi everyone,

I've came here from Story-Games and before that The Forge all with the same screen name - Silmenume - for ease of searching purposes. While I have posted here for about a year, longer maybe, I've never officially introduced myself here. I did not find Story-Games until very near its demise but I liked the people there and am heartened that so many chose to migrate to here. Thank you Tod for managing this site and making it more than your typical chat site. With great appreciation and deep thanks - well done!