A Surreal Science Fiction Reality-Hopping RPG in which Players portray the crew of a "SlipShip", traveling to other dimensions and mind-twisting alternate realities.

DayTrippers is an OSR genre sim that blends traditional and modern/narrativist techniques: a new approach to a surrealistic science-fiction multiversal milieu, in which an assortment of colorful character classes pilot unique machines into dream worlds and divergent universes, to retrieve items of value and bring them back home.


Anything in the world might potentially cause Bleed. Whether positive or negative, cheerful or fearful, it was chosen because it has some sort of psychological charge to it. Take note of it, especially if you see a pattern repeating. The Player is giving you something you can address more deeply in other ways, something to which they’ll respond with feeling.

This material can be tied back into the emerging story again, by repeating it, by extending it, or by symbolizing it. In this way it becomes a motif, which leads to more personally meaningful events both in the short term (current story) and the long-term (the campaign and the character’s life). You don’t need to do it immediately. Reincorporation can be best after a period of stewing. The basic idea here is that Bleed is enhanced whenever you make direct connections between a Player’s Psychic Content and the PCs’ story, transforming or symbolizing these Player-sourced elements and injecting them back into the game in dramatic ways, at opportune moments.

Tod Foley
Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy


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