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I find presentation the hardest part of design

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I find presentation the hardest part of design

Hi all,

I've been re-organizing my apartment work space a bit, and looking over tons of half scribbled game concepts. They're all over the place, literally and figuratively.

One of the bigger road blocks in development I seem to run up against is taking that stuff and putting it in a presentable, shareable form that gets the concepts across to people not directly present.

Some of this, admittedly, is not having a whole lot of even very basic layout skills.

Does anyone else get stuck at this stage of development? How do you cope?

It depends a lot on what you

It depends a lot on what you want from your games. It's frustrating to have games that are not played, but I don't need to add to the cacophony of "read this !" "listen to that !" and "watch there !"
And yet... For some projects, illustration is part of the game ; rules redaction is always a concern ; and if you talk about redaction, a minimal lay out is expected. So, depending on where you set the limit, presentation is somehow part of the design-fun.

It's not the layout that

It's not the layout that kills me, it's the typography and art. I can explain, if anyone is interested.

Please do. But let me guess :

Please do. But let me guess : skyrocketing standards ?

@DeReel, Sure, a little bit.

@DeReel, Sure, a little bit. I just find it hard to find typefaces and art that really match the theme and tone of the game. I am not really experienced with graphic design so it is always the step that keeps me from publishing anything. As far as art, well, I have no money and only a bit of artist skill. And I find it hard to find public domain art that, again, matches the theme and tone that I am going for in a game.

Standards have changed

It is certainly true that the standards or expectations for presentation and design have increased almost every year since writing and publishing your own rpg became easy to do roughly 20 years ago.

I remember when it was totally normal for a new game to appear as a basic document with no art in Times New Roman. And, in some ways, that culture is coming back because so many games are now being shared as google docs.

My own approach has been not to worry about it - I don’t think anything I’ve ever typed up has any art at all, for example.

And that's in itself a strong

And that's in itself a strong a parti pris, for a ttrpg.

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