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Any advice before I play "The King is Dead"?

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Any advice before I play "The King is Dead"?

What it says on the tin. I will be playing this weekend and want things to go well.

Not much!

This game probably needs less advice than just about any other game. You just do what it says.

(However, I played two earlier versions, not the current form of the game.)

I would only say two things:

* Let the players know that they shouldn’t be trying to “win”; it’s not a game that’s set up for balanced confrontations, and there will be move choices that are instant victories. That’s not what it’s for!

(Possible exception of the “who will be King?” subgame, because that’s different than the version I played.)

* Encourage people to add detail as they read the prompts, ask each other questions, and otherwise add narration to what’s going on, to enrich the narrative.