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Title Description Game Type GM? Players Crunch
Happy Birthday, Robot!

A storytelling game in which players take turns writing the story of Robot's birthday. The dice determine how many words you'll get to write, and your fellow players will then get to modify your sentences. How much can you say in four words? How much can your friends add in just three? Play time: 30-45 Minutes. Ages 10+. [more info]

Collaborative Story No 3-5 Super Easy

A roleplaying game of shared consciousness, shared memories and shared consequences in a cyberpunk world, exploring human emotion, memory and personal identity. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Powered by the Apocalypse Yes 4-6 Moderately Crunchy
Heartbreaker World

A medieval roleplaying world based on the AW engine, but with more dramatic action resolution and lots more magic. Includes a nice list of medieval Good & Services, and a GM's Worksheet. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Powered by the Apocalypse Yes 2+ Mildly Crunchy
Homeworld Project

A roleplaying game set in Astral Space, a place of adventure, terror, and mystery. In Homeworld Project most of you will take on the roles of the protagonists during the game. One of you, called the GM, will instead manage the reflection of the characters in the Astral Space, acting as antagonists and foils. But everyone playing the game will have the opportunity to take on other roles, called manifests, incarnations of the forces of Astral Space, whether from the characters or their reflections. Lastly, the characters can have or share one or more ships. Ships act much like characters, with their own personality and place within the action. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes 3+ Mildly Crunchy
House of Reeds

This is a role-playing game about a home. In this home lives a family, or a succession of families. You’ll draw the home and watch as it changes with the family over the years. You will need a good-sized sheet of paper to draw on, pencils, and something on which to record characters (index cards are good). A big pile of 10-sided dice is helpful but not necessary. You'll also need to print and cut out the game cards, or transcribe them onto something. [more info]

Collaborative Story No 2-6 Focus/Imagination
HVE Water

A storygame about love, survival, and the fall of civilization. In it we play fictional versions of ourselves in a world where an apocalyptic event has wiped out most of humanity. [more info]

Collaborative Story No 3+ Mildly Crunchy