As Above

As Above is a storytelling and role playing game for two to six players. The stories of the game are inspired by fairy tales, myths and legends. They take place in a fictional world, inspired by but not meant to represent any particular place or tradition on Earth. As Above is inspired by Russian Matroyshka dolls. These beautifully painted dolls nest one inside another, as the stories are intended to do in As Above.


Each story in As Above, is the tale of person or being from this world who has an encounter that takes them beyond the world that they know, to discover the realms Above and Below where they live, Between. The stories take a spiral path. Each one leading to the next. In As Above, we follow the winding paths of the deep magic of imagination and see where each turn will take us. From the depths, to the stars.

Emily Care Boss
Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

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