A diceless storytelling system that uses playing cards and an open-ended stat system, "Argument" is designed to support any genre, from modern-day to cybertech or fantasy worlds. It uses a descriptive scale for all attributes, skills, and tasks, encouraging verbal description of ideas and actions, thus feeding into emerging storylines.

Note: This is the second release draft of the first public playtest version of the Argument system.


An argument is in a word — an advantage.

The advantage can come from physical characteristic: in an evenly matched fistfight one of the characters has an elevated position, or he is a lot bigger than his adversary is. The argument can come with an equipment or experience: in a manhunt the fugitive has a good hiding place and the service man searching for him is just a good seeker. The tie is broken, because the police wield an infrared camera that gives them a superior perception. A player can only get an argument by roleplaying. If the character does something that gives the story just the right direction you were wishing for you should think giving him a positive argument (special knowledge of the area for example) or if the character does something extremely stupid (like they always do) give them a negative argument.

Rainer Koreasalo
Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

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