Dungeon Squad

A roleplaying game designed for young players with short attention spans who demand action and fun. There is a lot of die rolling and some amusing shopping and number-crunching. Characters can be generated in 30 seconds.


Each character has one each of D4, D8, and D12 to represent aspects of themselves - Wizard, Warrior, and Explorer.

Each character has a D6 and a D10 to describe stuff - a weapon, armor, or magic spell.

Everyone has fifteen Hit Points. Damage reduces these directly.

All characters can fight, cast spells, and sneak around at varying levels of skill. Difficulty is reflected by a target number, typically 2, 4, or 6. Higher numbers are certainly possible for daring feats.

Roll against Warrior to hit in combat. A 2 or better is needed to hit a weak foe, a 4 or better to hit an average foe, and a 6 or better to hit a tough foe. Obviously, if you assign D4 to Warrior, direct combat will prove a challenge, if not impossible.

Roll against Wizard to cast a spell. A 6 or better is needed to cast a spell successfully, or a 2 or better if the caster is not in a dangerous situation. One peaceful option would be to assign D4 to Wizard and take "Healing" as a spell, casting it only between battles.

Roll against Explorer to sneak around and be a thief. You need a 2 or better to move silently, a 4 or better to pick a lock or climb a wall, and a 6 or better to disarm a trap or jump a chasm.

Jason Morningstar
Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

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