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A satirical roleplaying game of a techno-magical world inhabited by intelligent mutants, wolves and trolls. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Powered by the Apocalypse Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination

Lost Colony

A two page game about civilizations and technology inspired by Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Elizabeth Shoemaker's It's Complicated, and Jared Sorenson and Luke Crane's Freemarket. [more info]

Collaborative Story Yes No 2+ Focus/Imagination

Medical Bay Three

A storytelling game in which the medical officers of a distant space station must determine the best ways to cure alien patients. [more info]

Collaborative Story Yes Yes 4-6 Focus/Imagination

Midsummer Wood

A roleplaying game of a mortal person encountering the realm of Faerie. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes No 4+ Focus/Imagination

One Last Job

A roleplaying/storytelling game in which you play desperate, washed-up individuals on a final mission that'll set them up for life. Unlike other RPGs, you don't get to define a single aspect of your character - everyone else does that during play by insulting you. GM Optional. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story No No 3+ Focus/Imagination

Police Cops

A rules-light 2-page TV series simulator, Police Cops works best with 4-5 players, and one Commissioner. The Commish is the GM. The game is designed to play like a cop show, each session or two being an Episode with its own enclosed story, but still part of broader series. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination

Sea Dracula

A silly roleplaying game of animal lawyers in a magical town arguing the greatest cases of their careers. And dancing. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes No 3-6 Focus/Imagination


A storytelling game of Social Science Fiction in which the players create a future scenario and then introduce a "shock" to that world (such as a major discovery or invention). [more info]

Collaborative Story No Yes 3-5 Focus/Imagination


A storygame of surrealism intruding upon reality, in which the players create a series of more and more unusual events in the life of a "normal" protagonist. [more info]

Collaborative Story No No 3+ Focus/Imagination


A storytelling game which uses templates and dice to assist players in writing a unique adventure story. [more info]

Collaborative Story Yes No 2+ Focus/Imagination



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