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Mist-Robed Gate

A cinematic storytelling game in which players determine the natures and conflicts of characters and factions within a world of their own devising, via scene framing and of course, the knife ritual. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story Yes No 4-12 Focus/Imagination

Cthulhu Dark

A rules-light system for games of Lovecraftian horror. These rules are designed to play prewritten scenarios, run by a Keeper. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination

Superlite Heroes!

A game of heroes and villains, crime and justice, adventure and disaster. A group of 3-4 players take on the role of a handful of heroes while a single Game Master (the GM) provides opposition in the form of villains, henchmen, hazards, and schemes. A single session of Superlite Heroes! should take about 2-3 hours. To play, you will need a handful of index cards, some pencils, and a six-sided die. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 4-5 Focus/Imagination

FU: Freeform Universal

FU is a game of action, adventure and fun: It is a roleplaying game of grand proportions and stupefying simplicity that lets you create exciting stories in any setting imaginable, with a minimum of fuss, or even preparation. The core of FU comes down to this: Characters are described with evocative descriptors – no “stats” or other numbers! Only players roll dice, letting the Game Master focus on guiding an awesome story Conflicts and obstacles are approached with closed questions – “Can I leap the chasm?” “Do I disarm my opponent?” The dice answer your question with some combination of YES / NO / AND / BUT which you use to drive the story forward [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination


A 2-page Survival Horror RPG designed to challenge the players in all aspects. You play against the system, like a board game, and your success is up to you. This is not easy. Either you play intelligently, or the game will destroy you. PWYW what Drivethru and RPGnow. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination

Honey Heist

You are about to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen. Two things: (1) You have a complex plan that requires precise timing; (2) You are a goddamn BEAR. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 3+ Focus/Imagination

The Enclave

A collaborative Storygame. Over the course of an hour or two, you and your friends will construct a narrative about a Community of heroic (or delusional) isolationists, who construct for themselves an entrenched bastion against (what they perceive to be) the hostile forces of the outer world. As they bolster up the defenses of their outpost, they will encounter unexpected misfortunes and betrayals, and fight bravely (or foolishly) against threats from the Outsiders whose world they have abandoned, until a final day of reckoning arrives. [more info]

Collaborative Story No No 2-5 Focus/Imagination

Executive Decision

A white-knuckle game of real-time political crisis. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes No 3-6 Focus/Imagination


A one-page "superlite" solo microRPG that replicates the kind of horror movie where an ensemble cast of skilled but flawed people are trapped in a dark place with a terrifying threat waiting to snatch them at any moment. There’s plenty of intrigue, dark secrets, and broken relationships to keep things interesting. It’s fast, cyclic, and incredibly lethal; your pool of actors essentially serves as hit points. So don’t get too attached! AW-style tiered resolution, with an assembled modifier. Playbooks, with fillable character sheets*. Abstract Round structure, with the flexibility to direct like a movie. Ensemble play; you control one of six actors at a time, jumping between them. Quite a few tables. [more info]

Powered by the Apocalypse Yes No 1 Focus/Imagination


A diceless storytelling system that uses playing cards and an open-ended stat system, "Argument" is designed to support any genre, from modern-day to cybertech or fantasy worlds. It uses a descriptive scale for all attributes, skills, and tasks, encouraging verbal description of ideas and actions, thus feeding into emerging storylines. Note: This is the second release draft of the first public playtest version of the Argument system. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination



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