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Title & Description Game Type Free? GM? Players Crunch

World of Secrets

A hard-edged, gritty RPG of espionage and covert operations, featuring a simple rule set for prompting intricately-interwoven character relationships and backstories, based on "World of Dungeons" by John Harper. Once you join the Company, of course, you never get out. Note: This is a "beta" version of the WoS rules. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 2+ Mildly Crunchy

Wushu Open

The Ancient Art of Action Roleplaying, free core rules for fast-paced martial arts games using a descriptive action / dice pool system. Price: Pay what you want. [more info]

Roleplaying Game Yes Yes 2+ Focus/Imagination


The aim of [untitled] is to allow users and the admin to create a living, breathing cyberpunk world. It draws on influences including the works of William Gibson, the Matrix movies, and the cyberpunk noir-fiction style of the 90s. [more info]

Roleplaying Game, Powered by the Apocalypse Yes Yes 3-5 Focus/Imagination



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