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Maintained by Patrick Henry Downs, this page lists ALL of the AW Playbooks known to humankind. If you want to share a new playbook, identify a dead link, or find out anything about this page, put "AW page" in the subject heading and send it to nerdwerds AT gmail dot com
Download the ZIP file for John Harper's original AW playbook templates in letter format.
Hey You! Want to create your own original character classes for the apocalypse? Download the attached legal-sized "WORD" template for trifold Apocalypse World playbooks.
Do you play DayTrippers online? Click here to grab a copy of this PC Sheet in fillable PDF format - now with autocalculation! (This PDF was created by Jef Wilkins, and we thank him very much for it!)
For planet-mappers: Here's a layered icosahedron hexmap in PXD format (useable by Two hex layers are included: small hexes and large hexes. Just delete the layer you don't need.
Are you a <em>Remember Tomorrow</em> player? You might want to grab a copy of the interactive character and faction sheets here.
This aid by Paulo Rivas López is meant to help the players and the Narrator to build the setting of the game together as well as getting to the same page in respect to some of each others expectations. It includes a new trick too: to handle Fronts (that stands for all kind of plot-relevant organizations such as a guild of thieves, a kingdom, a company, a ship, etc), you just roll 6d6 and list those numbers as the Front stats, or place the dice over the hexagons in any order you want.
A cleaned-up PDF version of the Threat Map for use with AW2e, by James Steinberg.


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