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Gamism does not require carefully pre-detailed rules; why is it Western engineering?

Gamism does not require well-defined and agreed-upon rules mechanics. Note that I am not claiming we do not have a pretty well-defined system (in the Forge sense: how we decide what happens next in the fiction). But the mechanics, as in how precisely we figure out what happens next, are loose and...

Godbound - Session 0

Godbound I'm soliciting feedback on how well this prepped scenario accomplishes the goal of introducing OSR 1HD power levels (as opposed to Godbound power levels to come), and a chance to explore different pieces of the setting for someone setting-naive and sourcebook-averse. I've been...

[OSR] Recurring problems with dungeons

Hi there! I'm in the process of choosing a new megadungeon from my pile for my ongoing campaign (expecting a TPK and fresh characters ;-) ... I see some recurring problems in many of them and would like to discuss how to fix them. In no particular order: 1) No way to continue after a TPK...

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