Land of Woo


This is the place where the woo happens, and these are the stories of what happens when that happens. Feel free to make up anything, click anything, or say anything. This is not the real fake reality; it is a fake fake reality.


Welcome to the Land of Woo. You should be aware that anything can happen here - and usually does.



Scenes in this Campaign

1. The Highway Scoop

Late one morning Monkeyboy woke up in the tarpatch, and walked down to the highway. His head was bangin' somethin' fierce; he needed a drink. Squizzin' his gogglers up and down the heat-shimmerin' stretch of blackpitch, already bethrotted by motorin' nobbins and wanderin' wannanuffins, he arched his brawny back and took in the scoop.
Actions: 18
Characters: Dapper Jabber, Monkeyboy Jones, Rudy Luango, Snerk Borak
Location: Da Coast Highway

2. Dapping and Jabbing

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dapper Jabber is takin' a peekaboo and aimin' ta scope the formulatin' potential of this slumptuous day. There's a walrus gumboot astride the tarmac, givin' you the bird. Dapper, what do you do?
Actions: 2
Characters: Dapper Jabber
Location: East Side Street

3. Rudy Belches

Around that time, Rudy comes a-walkin' out of his favorite watering hole and lets out a loud whiskey belch, when just down the block what does he see but a flippin' bird contest between Mister Dapper Jabber and some sort of walrus. Rudy, two things strike you malphonious about this altercation. FIrstly, you've seen a walrus like this before, in the midst of a DT-influenced vision. You know they spit. And secondly, you remember this Dapper fellow. Tell us why.
Actions: 2
Characters: Rudy Luango
Location: East Side Street

4. It's, It's, the Walrii Blitz

Y'all both are under attack! Two o' them flubberty whoffers aginst each o' ya! Evvybuddy roll 1d6 for Speedo. Highest Speedo attacks first, next second, beep boop bop. Dapper Jabber, you get a +1 on account o' yer magical mirror bit.
Actions: 19
Characters: Dapper Jabber, Rudy Luango, Lady Bacon
Location: East Side Street

5. Hanging around the cave

So there he was, squatting in the shadows as usual. When Rudy Luango stepped in gingerly to take a peek, Snerk reacted immediately. Although he has no charm at all, he can read minds, and knew what Rudy really wanted in life... Snerk was ready.
Actions: 7
Characters: Rudy Luango, Snerk Borak , Dark Damien, Lady Bacon
Location: The Sewers of Swing

6. Hurting

In the streets you're never alone. They are watching your moves. Is that a prey ? Or a person ?
Actions: 14
Characters: Mouth of darkness
Location: East Side Street
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