Dramatis Personae

Campaign: Land of Woo

Dapper Jabber

Played by DarkMoon

A shape changing, reality warping entity that enjoys theater, games, and performance. The Dapper Jabber is a guide to enlightenment, sending unsuspecting targets to strange chaos all in the effort of shaking them free of expectations and teaching them valuable lessons.

Long ago an adherent fanboy of the most famous trickster gods, the disguise king manages to circle around his targets in oblivious fashion, part of "the scene".

His trademark pink fuzzy Angora bucket hat and small round glasses will always be on him, if only as a keychain or shirt graphic, but reveal themselves when he makes his target aware of him. Otherwise, Dapper Jabber takes ten thousand shapes.

A chaos pacifist, he inspires violence and destruction that will always be survived but force the target through a cathartic process.


Dark Damien

Played by Tod

He's a caution, this one. Be careful or he'll fry your soul.


Played by railroad9

Hard-boiled non-binary finder and hedge witch with a digital daemon-cat named Pyewacket.

Monkeyboy Jones

Monkeyboy Jones

Played by testdude

Monkeyboy Jones, boy, he sure does deliver. Whether it's a whoopin' with a toonpatch or a snizzle on the grids, the jawloins of this whippersnapper don't rest for nothin', and woe bespeak ye tarnits who clamour upon his hoary path!

Mouth of darkness

Played by DeReel

Soft and loose lipped.

Rudy Luango

Rudy's a down on his luck luck private eye, living drink to drink. He's just waiting for that one big score


Snerk Borak

Played by vbwyrde

A snerker with a bad reputation

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