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Can't post anymore on Safari

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Can't post anymore on Safari

Just an FYI, and maybe I should clear out my cache and cookies but I can't post anymore on my Safari browser. I can post in Firefox. I used to be able to post with Safari, I was wondering if there was an update recently?

For clarification, the fields to write up a post are available but when I hit the "save" icon, the page reloads without posting.


No updates recently. I'm wondering if there were weird characters in the body of whatever you were trying to post? Try answering me below using Safari. Then maybe try starting a new thread in this subforum (using Safari). Just say "testing" (I can delete it later, assuming it works).

I’m posting this...

...with Safari.

On an iPhone.

I don’t know if that helps or muddies the waters!


Let's try this again. This is from Safari 12.1.2 Desktop


NVM, I tried five times the one day and then switched to Firefox, must have been something else that was tripping me up.

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