Circle Theory and Brinkwood: A Case Study

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Erik Bernhardt has written a brief explanation of "Circle Theory," a development methodology explained by Orion Black at Orcacon 2020. By dividing up your operant space into three concentric circles, this method allows you to look at the way various levels of the game interact with each other. Interesting stuff.

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It's mind mapping really, but with a very pragmatic perspective that prevents one from getting lost in too many possibilities. Of course, me, I like to lose myself in the mind travel sometime.

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I like models like these, to develop new tools for sparking ideas or design analysis.

It would have been better to show the utility of this tool in fixing a problem or expanding a design. Just analyzing an existing game and showing how it fits does it really seem to show the value of the tool. I would like to see more of that: how do we apply this, and what are the benefits?