CORE Roundtable [video]

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Ready for a jargon-filled game design deep dive?

In this recent "CORE Roundtable" hosted by LegendsOfTabletop, we go into the weeds of CORE design philosophy, Hybrid Systems, Universal Mechanics, Psychic Content, Experiential Narrativism, Fruitful Voids & Horizontal vs Vertical Control, and more...

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...sharing this knowledge!

The psychic content is something like what is called in some french indie circles (LaCellule podcast) "malleable narrative content" and the event of it happening, the intercreativity : "the Maelstrom".
Snowball / snowballing are probably less jargoney (but only catch one form of it).

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But it is not a short list, so I'll get to it at some point.

The Youtube comment about all this applying to all roleplaying games - yeah, not gonna believe that.