Elthos RPG & Mythos Machine - GM Tools for Creating Your Own Worlds

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Are you a GM who loves to create your own Worlds... but maybe you find the many tasks involved a bit too time consuming and would like to have some help? Elthos RPG Mythos Machine are here for you.

Elthos RPG is a genre neutral traditional style RPG that focuses on light-weight but sophisticated rules and tiny numbers math to make GMing as easy as possible. Get the number crunching down to a manageable size, and let the creativity roll.

But what about World Building? You have all those spiral bound notebooks in your closet. Trying to search them, or keep your parents from throwing them away even, seems a daunting task. What happened to that Vorpal Sword from 3 years ago anyway? Mythos Machine is here for you. Mythos Machine is a web application that supports the Elthos RPG Rules by doing the number crunching, and providing a convenient framework in which you can build your own Worlds of any genre.

To learn more, check out https://Elthos.com

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