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Mobile unfriendly :p

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Mobile unfriendly :p


I refreshed as you asked resulting in the same issue.

Checking now on how to find my resolution.

As far as I can tell it's 5.2

As far as I can tell it's 5.2 inch 1080x1920.

My other phone (having the same issue) is 2560x1440

I will add

The post page fits fine, it seems to be the main catagories page that's the issue.

That's a lot better, the

That's a lot better, the catagories now fit on the page!

Your bubble buttons at the top do cover the page title, I tried to take another screenshot but don't have access to images.

Yeah I saw you were on the

Yeah I saw you were on the site while I was working on it. You may need to clear your cache, since I'm updating CSS as I go.
Thanks for your feedback!

Logging In

I find that logging in to the forum on my smartphone is pretty awkward - unlike the computer version, there is no "log in" button anywhere, so you have to go to your account or something similar to find a way to log in. I don't know if it's a high priority, but I thought I'd mention it!

Otherwise, though, it looks and works really well on my phone! (I'm an iPhone user, using Safari.)

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