New game didn't appear in list

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To Whom It May Concern,

A week or two ago, I noticed that my game Muse: A Storytelling Game wasn't in the big list of indie games. I tried adding it. It still hasn't appeared in the list and I'm wondering what went wrong? Did something go wrong on my end and it was never received?



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Don't know why i didn't get the notification. I have to approve them manually or else we'd be swimming in spam.

Muse: A Storytelling Game - Demiurge
The Derelict Speaks - Luzelli
Take A Walk on the Weird Side - jjwalden

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Couple of days ago, I also added my game, October Rust. OK, maybe accidentally I sent two requests (yes, a faux pas, I apologize for it). Still I'm not even sure if those submission actually were sent out... :)