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So we have tags, but is there a way to use them? Can you search by tags? I can click on them at the end of the post but where else can I find them?


I hadn't thought any farther than that, actually! :-)
I saw them as a means of finding "more/related" kind of stuff, relative to whatever you were already reading.

It's easy enough to create a page that lists all of them, or perhaps a "Tag Cloud" somewhere. But there aren't very many of them yet.

That's fair, and they do work

That's fair, and they do work in that capacity!

How do you add tags to a post

How do you add tags to a post? Is it only for the first post in a thread, or can any post have a tag?

Do games in the list have tags? Are they intermingled with the forum post tags? If I have a game marked "horror" and a post marked "horror", are they now linked to the same tag?

Just trying to figure out the parameters on how this all works.

It's all built out of

It's all built out of electrons. :-) For now, Tags apply only to Topic Posts, not Replies (which are technically Comments), and not to Game Listings. So adding a Tag provides a way for readers to view a list of related forum threads.

I could add that same set of Tags to Game Listings, but I'm not sure those two taxonomies are really congruent? Out there in the game listings you might search for things like "horror" or "humor," but in here it seems like the Tag focus (at least so far) is less about adjectives and more about verbs/nouns of praxis like "CA," "SIS," and "session zero."

Being built out of electrons, however, makes them all subject to change, and it's not like I'm arguing for a particular position. My position is whatever we decide best serves the community's interests and desires, functionally speaking.

For consideration: Here is
Looking at these I think we

Looking at these I think we might want to make them NON-case-sensitive. We have dread and Dread for example.

Good call. Fixed and

Good call. Fixed and automated!

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