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Potential Tracking Bug

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Potential Tracking Bug


I'm not sure if this is important enough to bring up, but better speak up and let you decide for yourself.

When I go to the "Forums" page (or the Game Stuff page, same), I can see that I've read all the topics and posts, except for one category:

The "Plug" forum shows up as red (there are new posts!) and, under "Posts", it says there are four new items. However, I've been there and read all four topics, so I'm not sure why. Nothing I do makes it go away.

Here's a screenshot:


Not very important, but every other page/topic seems to track new and old accurately, and this seems strange. I thought I'd let you know!

That is weird, I'll have to

That is weird, I'll have to investigate.
Meanwhile, if you go to the main FORUM page there's a dropdown below the table called "Forum Tools" where you can make all topics marked as read.


A little further investigation, just for your curiosity (and mine):

Clicking on the "show all unread posts" and similar buttons didn't find anything, even though "4 new posts" was still showing. I tried the "mark all topics as read" option, and the notification has gone away. Perhaps you can post something new in Plug, and see how my account responds, if you are curious. (It's not a big deal for me, either way - just trying to help.)

Cheers! You are doing an amazing job with this forum.




This new post gets appropriately marked "read" as soon as I click on it.

I'll let you know if I ever see anything like this again!

New Posts Tracking

Well, it seems that system is still acting up. The “new posts” flags either aren’t tracking right or they’re not showing up in all the places.

For instance, in my view there is always “1 new post” in the Theory sub forum, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all the threads. But, even if I haven’t, when I click through, none of the threads are marked “new”. Not sure what’s going on here!


Looking further:

The new post gets flagged appropriately on the computer, just not on my phone.

And there must be some tracking process to do with viewing/reading posts, because the thread in question (which keeps showing as new) has me as the most recent poster. The “unread post” is the one directly above mine. Hmmm.

Now that I’ve loaded the thread on my computer, the “new” notification has disappeared. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the same thing would have happened if I’d done that on my phone.

Perhaps this is all a red herring, and not worth the trouble trying to figure out and fix, but I promised t mention it, so here I am!

If it happens again, I’ll try to record it more systematically.

I got the same behaviour on

I got the same behaviour on my phone since some time and here's my hypothesis : the phone doesn't refresh the "new" tags in the pages. It did trouble me but patching the adhoc hypothesis was enough to numb my consciousness of it.

I have a theory.

I think it happens when someone edits a post.


this is a test.

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