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Tracking Likes

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Tracking Likes

Sometimes it can be nice to see that some people have “liked” you post of yours. If you’re interested in new features, that could be a nice one: notifications or tracking for when people “+1” your posts.

Otherwise you might never know or never see that kind of feedback.

I also like seeing who liked or +1’d, which allows communication (e.g. instead of responding in full, I can just +1 your response, and you’ll see that I did). I can see arguments for preferring anonymous +1s, though.

I've gone back and forth

I've gone back and forth in my head about that. Let's ask everyone.

Hey, everyone --
What's your opinion on this?

I can see arguments for and

I can see arguments for and against, but in my case it incentivizes me to post more. So, it's okay with me (assuming you like my posts).

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