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Unreceived Emails

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Unreceived Emails

A few Gmail users have reported that they did not receive their welcome email when registering here; it turns out Google doesn't like these automated messages and sends them to the "spam" folder. So if you haven't received your welcome email, check there!

Yesterday it happened to a

Yesterday it happened to a fourth person (that I know of).
This seems to only happen with Gmail, and it's always in the spam folder.

I finally got some (hopefully

I finally got some (hopefully) sound advice on my weird-ass DNS settings, and I'm waiting for them to propagate. If this works, y'all should stop having to check your spam folders for email from fictioneers! Fingers crossed!


Tests are showing that outgoing bouncebacks from fictioneers have stopped happening.
Now I'm just waiting for the next signup from a gmail address to see if that's working too!

Gmail working

...and it's been verified, fictioneers emails are no longer being filed as spam by gmail. We in bidnezz!

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