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Quick card game

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Quick card game

Here’s a first draft for a quick card game (32 cards-deck). Let me know if you know something like this and also, what could go wrong.
-It’s a game of cards and storytelling. You will narrate a story together, and in parallel you will try to gather cards of the same suit to lay them down in front of you and tell the end of the story.

Set up the game, dealing every player 6 cards. Each one of you puts one card face down in front of them.
To start the game, turn your card face up and narrate what it represents.
A face up card gives you control over what happens to what it represents. For simplicity, when I say “your card”, I also mean “what it represents”.
Whenever you want in the game, you can put down cards face up in front of you, but you can never take them back in hand. That’s called putting down a card.
Each turn, please play one card.
When you play a card (from your hand or put down) you force an exchange with any card (from someone’s hand or put down) you wish. If the card was put down or in hand, it stays so, but changes owner. That’s called playing a card.
Each turn, please narrate what happens to one card in front of you. Try not to be original, just add your bit to the story.
After 6 turns, the game ends. Count 1 point for each card of one suit in front of you. Whoever has more points narrates a happy ending. Ex aequos share this narration.