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[Blogs Against Humanity] Gameplay Questions

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[Blogs Against Humanity] Gameplay Questions

Recently some friends and I played Blogs Against Humanity (the 2013 version), and I had a few questions. I asked Mendel if we could discuss them publicly, and here we are.

First off, we had a blast. It was great for downramping after a game of DREAD earlier that night. But here are some of the things that made us go "hmm?":

- The intro says you need a d20 but if I'm not mistaken, there is no roll that calls for it.

- The rule about increasing your Tier... I think I now understand that that's supposed to happen right smack in the middle of the adding process, so if I had 19 followers and added 6, I'd take 1 of the 6 to go up to 20, then raise my tier and drop followers to 2, and THEN add the other 5. Is that right? If so, we were doing it wrong; we just truncated them to 2 and sacrificed the 5.

- When you troll and "give" someone points. We debated the word "give". Does that mean I lose one of mine and you gain it? (or alternately, I take one of yours?) We decided no, the new follower just arrives out of nowhere or goes back to nowhere, but I wanted to check with you.

- When you roll an advance. This table seems to be missing a result for 4?

- When You Start the News Cycle. We had two players with equal numbers of followers, both tier 0 of course. No big deal (we rolled a d6 for it), but there it is.