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Can we have a general bundle evaluation thread? DrivethruRPG are doing some big charity bundles at the moment. There's a handful of high profile games in there but nothing that grabs me, a bunch of standard supplement dreck, and also a fair few obscure systems that sound like they might be interesting but I have no idea about. Has anyone encountered any of these in the wild?

Fight Racism Bundle

There's a large bundle for $5 in support of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund with hundreds of different things - mostly video games, but also some RPGs:

List of RPGs (taken from the Reddit thread):
Blades in the Dark
The Ground Itself
As the world ends
The Way You Make Me Feel
Tome of Rites and Rituals (TTRPG aid)
Journey Away
A Long Night in the Mech Bay
The Destined
My Welcomed Guest
Smash The System
No Stone Unturned
Bonsai Brawlers
They won't Go When I Go

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