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Everyone is John - Discussion

This is a discussion about Everyone is John by Michael B. Sullivan.
Title: Everyone is John
Author: Michael B. Sullivan
Game Type: Collaborative Story
GM?: Yes
Free?: Yes

This game brought me one of

This game brought me one of the most hysterical - albeit disturbing - game sessions of all time. I recommend you pick your group wisely, however, because things can get triggery real fast. Existential detachment and a dark sense of humor are advantageous in this game.

Actual play; Everyone is John

We played this with my regular story games group. I think we all had fun but a few folks were a little confused about setting goals for their ...'persona'.

That aside it was easy to teach and pick up considering that everyone is just doing insane stuff.

One piece of advice from out friend who had played it once before, it shines when john is in more populated areas, we started in an empty house initially.

Everyone is John

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