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People from Story Game Forums

Hey all,

I figured we would get a list going of the people from Story Games that have signed up over here since SG is closing.

Just list your name in your reply so we know that you’re here. I’ll keep the updated list below with everyone’s name on it. If you changed your name you could let folks know your old SG forum name (if you’d like) so we will know who you are.

If your not from SG, you could introduce yourself to the folks from SG who read this post.

Ok, here’s the list:

Jeff (Jeff_Slater)
Tod (AsIf)
Arkades (miedvied)
Paul T.
Nathan H.
Two orcs
James Mullen
David Artman
Christopher Weeks

I am here.

I am here.

Me too!

Me too!

Ok, now I feel like I should

Ok, now I feel like I should say something, cuz it's kinda creepy if I don't. :-)

Here I am.

Here I am.

Same me

It's me

I'm here too!

It's me, K-Bob. Will find a proper pic later.

I've basically never posted

I've basically never posted at Story Games, but I've been there since the beginning, so I guess I'll count myself here. Hi.



BTW, I'm also "webtech" here,

BTW, I'm also "webtech" here, and I sometimes forget (and sometimes don't care) to switch logins all the time. You'll get used to it :-)
- Tod


I only joined SG a few weeks ago, but that's how I found my way here.

Please Jeff, its Kenny "J" not g :)

Please Jeff, its Kenny "J" not g :)


...thanks, for catching that, Kenny :)

I even bought your record.

I even bought your record.

Chiarina arrived

Here, at last.

On SG, my username was

On SG, my username was miedvied.

Kenny G?!? What happened to the other 25?

I'm here. Nice to see all of your migrants!

(Paul T. trivia: While it wasn't at the same time, I went to same high school as Kenny G.)

The Volumetric Lurk Has Been Here

Secretly and quietly, as you should.

Hi, I'm Nathan H. from Story

Hi, I'm Nathan H. from Story-Games.
I'm not sure what else to say?
I hope this kinda thing is useful... somehow.

I was on story-games for most

I was on story-games for most of its run but I like to shed my skin when I move to a new place.

Hopefully this forum provides

Hopefully this forum provides a line of flight for you. A bit of deterritorialization is always useful.

A mystery guest?!?

Excellent. ;)


I am the same user known as Vivificient on Story-Games. I thought, why not use a name that is possible for people to spell and pronounce?

Most likely I won't post much here until Story-Games closes, but may as well post in order to encourage more people to come here, since it is looking like it will be the most natural successor state.

Hi, same user name as on

Hi, same user name as on Story Games.

I just came back to story-games only to find it closing

I just came back to story-games after a long time only to find it closing. I saw the comments about people moving here so I created an account. I also post on rpgnet forums under the same username.

I also am a person that is now here

As it says above... also, hello!


I use the game directory here since around the same time I started gathering game parts on SG. And now I found the forum.
Jon DeReel is my alias. I pick up mail at

I finally joined

I was waiting to see which of the various [Next] options bubbled up as best, and it looks like this is the place.

I go back to The Forge: According to the forum software that is still running, I joined 2006-08-03, 15:10:43.

So... HI!

Welcome, David!

You’re the author of For Mature Audiences, aren’t you? Welcome!

I just got activated ^.^


I've been previously on the Story Games forum by the same nick.
I guess I am mostly known for my crowdfunding collections at, with the english translation been done tomorrow (that's once I've woken up again).
Next to that I am a rather big WoD and VtM fan and got a corresponding blog at, though I've been lazy the last few weeks.


You made it. Excellent!

Yeah, I made FMA, Paul. :)

Yeah, I made FMA, Paul. :)
I'd rather be known for GLASS, though! ;)


I now have an account here too, but you could have been active at SG for several years at this point without knowing me.

Well, here I am.

Well, here I am.



Late to the party...

... but I was a lurker and very occasional poster on Story Games.

Was Lux

Only joined last year and mostly lurked but here now...

SG archive is where ?

The old forum is nowhere. Is the archive nowhere too ?

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded".

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded".
Perhaps it will pop back up after the end of the month?
Meanwhile, anybody got the URL for the archive repository Jeph set up? (It was Jeph, right?)

The archive is on Jeph's

The archive is on Jeph's github.

Thank you Billy. To know it's

Thank you Billy. To know it's there, even unexploited, is a relief. Does the archive need to be parsed or mounted in some way to be searchable ? Or maybe I can copy and paste the 20 files I see and tadam ?

It is sad

To see Story Games down so quickly, when we expected at least a year.

I hope someone with greater technological savvy than me can create a more easily usable form
of the archive. Just this week alone I’ve referenced three story games threads, and it’s a resource that is sad to lose.

I offered to migrate it here...

but that did not fit with James' wishes.

Given that the site is down anyway...

I wonder if this is a case where asking for forgiveness might better than asking for permission?

Or is there a legal reason not to do that?

It doesn't exactly look like

It doesn't exactly look like it's down, only "bandwidth limit exceeded." I recall seeing it that way at least once in the past before the site closed. Honestly I wouldn't be too surprised if the bandwidth may have been exceeded in the process of automatically querying all the pages to submit them to the Internet archive or something like that, since I remember that James had said that was one of the options they were considering to ensure there would be a permanent archive available. (I think last time when it was exceeded, it may have been from when Jeph was making his archive.)

It's legal enough that it was

It's legal enough that it was explicitly stated. There will probably be no lawsuit, but I am afraid there could be a skeleton or two haunting the resurrected archive.
Another hypothesis for the exceeded limit is this : as the site is unpaid for (which can have happened in the past), the host downgraded the service, provoking a drop in bandwidth, stocking capacity, and functionalities, and after that, coma and death.

I'm still siding with the

I'm still siding with the "temporary limit on bandwidth based on monthly usage" theory. We'll know soon enough whether that's true.

If people want a sliiiightly

If people want a sliiiightly more readable version of a thread, browse to{THREADNUMVER}.html.


Style sheets, avatars, and so on are still broken, but it's a bit nicer.


I already felt bummed when SG closed shop, like I'd lost a ton of work that I'd just spilled electronically, stream of consciousness style.

Now I feel really bummed.

S-G Forums are back up.

It was simply a bandwidth overrun for the month of November.

Yes, it's (back)up and

Yes, it's (back)up and running !


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