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Thoughts on Pathfinder 2?

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Thoughts on Pathfinder 2?

I haven't finished reading the core book yet but I dig it. I like the variable class features in the forum of feats, but it's wierd that only fighters can use attocks of opportunity. Spell lists look good. I can't wait to find a group willing to swap to a new system though /s

I know a guy

I know a guy that played Pathfinder because "It's the one game that they haven't changed" to which I asked if he heard about the new edition coming out.

A playtest

A playtest version seemed to be something between Pathfinder 1 and D&D4. Rules presented in a formal way, like D&D 4, but detailed rules for things besides combat, like Pathfinder. Automatic inflation of every number with levels. Very heroic and high-power characters.