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Discussing Vessel of The Garbage God

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Discussing Vessel of The Garbage God

Not sure whether to place this in Plug or Discussion, but I just released a game and I would love to discuss it with people. It's available in pay what you want from here.

Dragon of Dross

It's sort of a call to action game that tries to get people to pick up trash from houseless camps. It also asks you to imagine you're being possessed by an Elder god of Garbage. So I guess it's a LARP?

It was released as a bonus game alongside Jeeyon Shim and Jason Morningstar's compilation TRASHPLAY, on the Bully Pulpit Games Patreon.

I would really love to hear what people think of it in more detail. Feel free to ask me anything about the game or myself too. Thanks!

"Shovel your way out..." Dr Jacoby

Hello, I haven't read the game,but the concept is strikingly beautiful.
I am a little cautious about the "housing, whatever it takes" bit because it sounds like forcing help on persons. But it probably isn't. And that doesn't affect your intention with the game.
Now I just want to play your game.

Thanks DeReel. I hope you

Thanks DeReel. I hope you play it some day. By whatever it takes I just mean to not kick people out for doing drugs or making a mess, or having behavioral problems. It comes from the belief of shelter being a basic need that is a foundation to bettering oneself, So it involves working with the individual to help them improve and not giving up on them, helping them get help with addiction or behavioral health or finding a job, "whatever it takes" until they can reach a level of self sufficiency. You can learn more here:

Oh I just realized

I checked the page and saw the wording "whatever it takes" was from the release notes. Thanks for reading all of that! Honestly it might be longer than the game itself.

I curse my gaming group

I curse my gaming group : they always clear off when I point at an occasion to clean up. I can't sell them the game... but at least they know it exists.

It's not you

I always figured the game would be a hard sell to get people playing, and the timing of the pandemic certainly didn't help. I mostly hoped it might help some people change the way they think about the homeless or inspire them to volunteer or organize. It might be a game that people just read and it makes them think, but not many play. But if anyone does play it I would love to hear about it!

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