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Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

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Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

Hello, friends in RPG space...
Do you make a lot of tables when designing games or adventures?
Do you find it a pain?
Do you wish it could be somehow... automated?


Well check out dis shiz, homies.

Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

TABLOO is a free interactive table design and formatting tool for RPG Designers and GameMasters.

And you fine folks are the first ones to know about it.

Go on out and play with it, let me know how it goes!


This is exciting stuff! A very welcome tool. (Although I can't quite figure out how to use it just yet, at least not from a quick glance.)

Seriously - super exciting!

Questions? Ask away!

The starter instructions are in the left-hand column, then click the "Help" button for more details.
Or just play with it by clicking stuff. You can't break it :-)

Rolls and Pips

Works OK for the most part and I was planning on using it for a zine submission, but going from Pips to Rolls does not seem to work (using latest Firefox browser). They just stay pips.

I'm also using Firefox, that

I'm also using Firefox, that's what it was programmed with. Are you sure you've used up all the slots?

Oh, hold on. I didn't realize

Oh, hold on. I didn't realize you had to use up all the slots.

It's nice actually but it's kind of baffling with the pips.


I like pips because they make it easy to do really big (1d100) charts by eyeballing.
But I'm thinking of adding a third mode, for integers.

Don't know if you noticed, but right now if you cursor over the pips, you see the integer in a tooltip.

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