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Migrating Posts from

(As originally posted on S-G)

Did ya ever wanna start a thread over again? Well, now's your chance. This is a standing invitation to copy and post any of your OPs from into some appropriate subforum at

I don't want to get anyone angry about their text being appropriated without their consent, so if you choose to do this, I ask that you copy over only your OP and any of your own comments from the thread that illuminate the OP. Please do not copy anyone else's comments or posts.

I rather expect that many of those who participated in the thread the first time around will be unwilling (understandably so) to repost their original comments, and I don't see a lot of point in repeating the original conversations. Instead, I see this as a chance for you to introduce your topics to some new people, and allow the conversation (if it mote be) to move in a totally different way. You've changed since then. So has everything else.

Gilles Deleuze interpreted Nietzsche's "Eternal Return" to be a return not of Identicality but of Difference: the rhizomic return of an underlying abstract machine, manifesting in a different time and guise, to unfold in a way that diverges from its previous actualizations; the repetition of that which differs-from-itself, or, in Nietzsche's terminology, the repetition of being as becoming.

This is that.