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"Inception" as a metaphor for RPGs

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"Inception" as a metaphor for RPGs

I re-watched "Inception" yesterday, and now I'm thinking about how it's a good metaphor for traditional RPGs.

The GM is the "architect" who creates the setting, and the players populate it. The game is a shared dream. But once it starts, the architect's control is severely limited. The dream is always in creative flux.

I don't know if there's enough for a thread here, but what the hell.

It can be

... but it's a specific type of rpgs. You generalize a bit to reach for games like DayTrippers I think, because such is your taste.

Some games are much more tightly linked to Inception : Lacuna, Dr Chestel's method. And some scenarios from old games (Aard drug in Mega II, Sandman in Champion 3D) go the same route : entering and psychonauting a mind of the week.