Alone Together

You are a girl, lost in queer spaces. Alone Together is a one(?) player game about meeting girls, kissing girls, dancing with girls, fighting with girls, flirting with girls, fucking girls, smiling and rolling your eyes and thinking about things a girl said to you once and remembering girls with love and loss and honey.

Based on Alone Among the Stars and Alone in the Ancient City by Takuma Okada.

Uses a standard deck of cards and an optional six sided die. Pay what you want (suggested price: $2.22 USD).

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

When you want to encounter someone you're interested in, draw a card. The suit will determine who you're encountering, and the number will tell you where the scene is placed. If you want to, you may roll 1d6 to determine the mood of the encounter.

Suggestions for playing, and for life:
Make messy entanglements, be open to danger and connection, get yourself in trouble, keep your heart safe, use protection. Be gay. Kiss girls. Have fun.