A roleplaying game where you play the last inhabitants of the Isle of Atlantis during its last days. Atlantis is burning and at midnight will sink into the sea, forever. Attempt to flee Atlantis while facing your Hopes, deeds, fears, and dooms before midnight, when Atlantis sinks under the waves forever.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Shuffle the Atlantis Cards ( included at the end of this document) and randomly distribute one, face up, to each player to be their character.
The remainder are reshuffled and placed face down where everyone everyone can see them.

The card dealt to you during the setup is your character. Each card is based around one of the Major Arcana from a tarot deck and serves as
the basis for your character. Cards can either designate positions (like Pope), character traits (like Strength), or life events (like Death). You
can add as much or as little detail to the character as you desire. However, your hope, deed, fear, and doom are determined by your card.

Once every player has a character, the oldest player draws a card from the face-down random pile of cards and describes Atlantis as it faces
its pending destruction. This card can either designate a place (like Tower) , an adversary (like Devil), or a situation (like Lovers) that the
oldest player should incorporate into their description of Atlantis. The oldest player describes how Atlantis is being destroyed, where you
are, and how the situation came to pass. Then the first phase begins.