Bounty Frontier Robot Battle

Welcome to space. It’s filled to the brim with Monsters, Moon Gods, and Immortal Space Dogs with Guns. You are a part of the Bounty Frontier and our main base is the Bounty Frontier Headquarters (BFHQ). You’ll know it well. You will be given Tags (or bounties, if you prefer to call them that) to hunt and destroy in order to pay off your student loans from the Frontier Robot Space Academy. While fighting: be smart, be safe, and go all out!

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

>>Goal of the Game:
You start the game by making your robots and selecting a Tag. You and the other players perform your actions in order to gain Fighting Spirit. You all use your Fighting Spirit to take down the Tag before it takes you down.

>> How To Play:
The game is meant to be performed. Every action you make is to earn Fighting Spirit! How do you earn Fighting Spirit? By making the other players laugh, cry, or you just do something epic. The other players reward you with Fighting Spirit by saying “Fighting Spirit,” as you perform your action. Once you’re done the other players can play off of your action or try something themselves. Fighting Spirit spent is spent and Fighting Spirit given is given. Even if they fail the thing you gave them Fighting Spirit for, you gave it to them, and now they have it. And before you ask, no… you can’t reward yourself Fighting Spirit.