Goodbye Earl: A Roleplaying Drinking Game

Goodbye Earl is a roleplaying drinking game about the complicated legacy left behind by the most important figures of our lives. It is for two and up players- the number of players is determined only by how much booze you have to share, the length is determined by how long you think you can pay attention.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

To start, you all should decide what you’re going to drink, and then share it among all the players, and have everyone take one token. As you’re pouring, start coming up with a vague idea of how you knew Earl. Were you a former lover? A partner from a failed business venture? A grieving parent? A friend who knew this was only a matter of time? His best friend’s girlfriend who only vaguely knew him, but has heard a lot of stories? Keep your ideas of who you are and who Earl was vague at first, because details of who Earl was will emerge, and your character’s details will naturally change along with them.

The person who starts the game is the person who feels they are probably the least close to Earl.

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