It is a time before time. Men and women roam the plains in their loincloths, hunting mammoth, and creating the first communities. However, one thing is missing: FIRE. You don't have it, but someone nearby does, or knows how to get it. The FIRE must be yours... Welcome to Grunting: The Race for Fire.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

This game is unusual in that, as language has only just been invented, players can only communicate to the GM via written notes, and can only communicate to the other players in cave-speak (see Language) and drawings (which cannot include any words or letters).

The four stats that every cave-person has are:

  • Ug - Speech/persuasion: a high Ug score means a cave-person who is good at persuading other cave-people about things, whether this is through a charming tone of grunting, an excellent hand at cave-drawing, or a voice so sweet it can sing a mammoth to sleep.
  • Bash - Fighting/strength: a character with a high Bash score is a good fighter, and/or a tremendously strong person. Bash is used for physical feats that primarily require strength and stamina, such as wrestling a crocodile, or tipping a sleeping mammoth.
  • Run - Speed/dexterity: Run gives your character speed, agility, balance, and co-ordination. This is very useful for tying tricky knots in snares, walking over a narrow log bridge, or out-running an angry woken mammoth.
  • Mmmmm - Appearance/smell: Mmmmm represents how good your character looks or how nicely they smell. High Mmmmm stats represent a lack of smell, or even a pleasant one, and good looks in your cave-person. Low Mmmmm stats represent very ugly characters, and/or characters that smell like they've just been shat on by an angry mammoth.

Your cave-person may have two skills out of the following list (it's often a good idea to make the tribe has a range of skills!):
- Murrr-arg (talk to animals)
- RAAAAAR (intimidation)
- Snoo-snoo (seduction)
- Uk-uk (make/use tools)
- Ploosh (swim)
- Nyraaagh! (climbing)
- TROAH (throwing)
- Shhhhh! (listening)
- Tip-tip (sneaking)
- Mmmmm-har (cooking)
- Palik (knowledge of herbs)

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