Last Winter's Lights

Tell the stories of intrigue between courtiers trapped in a snowbound castle, jostling for status as the King tries to remove the icy curse. The majority of the game will be played out with two types of scenes: private conversations between two characters, and open Court scenes with all the characters present. Cards here:

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

The King of this land has betrayed and enraged the Emperor. As punishment, the Emperor calls upon his Kairomancer, the Snow Mage, to bring an unending winter storm upon the offender's kingdom and castle. Crops are destroyed, livestock frozen, and the King's subjects fled to warmer lands. The King's castle sits at the center of the blizzard: cold winds howl, snow drifting twenty feet high against the stone walls, the bailey filled two men deep with snow and ice, now completely impassible. The King has set out to travel to the Emperor's palace to treat with him, to try to make amends, setting things right between them and ending this icy siege upon his lands. Many of the castle's inhabitants have died in the cold, and only a handful remain huddled in the castle's Ivory Keep.