A time-jumping storygame in which players collaboratively create the history of an entire world.

"You have vast creative authority. You can make whole empires rise and fall at will. Dream up a utopia or destroy one with nuclear fire. You have that power, but remember you're not alone: everyone else at the table can do it too."

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

To add a Period, place it between any two adjacent Periods, then give a short description of what happens during that time. Say if the Tone is Light or Dark.

An Event is a specific thing that happens inside a Period, like a prince seizing the throne or a colony ship arriving on a new world. To add a new Event, decide what Period the Event is in. If there are already other Events in that Period, place it before or after one of them. An Event must be inside an existing Period. Tell the other players what happens during the Event. Say if the Tone is Light or Dark.

Write each Period and Event on a separate index card as you create them.

Orient Event cards wide instead of tall (so you can tell them apart from Periods) and place them below the Period they are in. Cards are laid out in chronological order, with time flowing to the right for Period cards, and downward for Event cards within each Period.