Old School Hack

A table-top roleplaying system that's a hack of a hack of the original Red Box version of a certain popular hack-and-slash fantasy game. All you need is for your players to pick a name, pick a talent, and figure out what you're adventuring after - all things you can do after you've started playing, even - and you're good to go.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

The DM has a big old pile of Awesome Points. This is called The Stack. In the middle of the table is a bowl of Awesome Points as well. This is called, for lack of a better term, The Bowl. A game session usually starts off with the DM putting about 2.5 x the number of players worth of points into the bowl, rounding up. At any time - whether during character creation, someone saying something hilarious about the current events, a particularly slick move by a player character, whatever - when someone does something awesome, anyone can reach into the bowl and give that someone an Awesome Point.