Pure Shoujo

A roleplaying game where each player plays one or more characters, and they build up and break down relationships, friendly, vicious, or romantic. In the process characters slowly grow as they navigate the stormy seas of their fellow characters.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

At the start of each Pure Shoujo game each player receives a hand of one card plus one for each character they are currently playing. In addition, each time the dice roll a match the player who rolled it may draw a card. If they rolled 1 and 1, the player may give the card to another player, who must take it, if they rolled a 6 and a 6, they may draw two cards and choose which one they keep. Each of the cards indicates an action or change in relationships which fulfills the card:
• King: Introduce a male character.
• Queen: Introduce a female character.
• Jack: A character leaves, or if you have only one, introduce a character of either gender.
• 10: Unrequited love - one sided True Love.
• 9: Best of Enemies - turn an enemy or nemesis to friend or better.
• 8: This Means War - gain or change nemesis
• 7: Physical Relationship - acquire SO, based on physical attraction.
• 6: Just Friends - drop an SO to a friend or enemy.
• 5: Budding Friendship - make a friend.
• 4: Immediate Dislike - make an enemy.
• 3: Platonic Relationship - acquire SO, based on emotional attraction.
• 2: Going Steady - elevate a friend to an SO, or an SO to a True Love.
• Ace: True Love - go ahead, find one already.

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