Reconsolidation is a collaborative storytelling card game about navigating the twisting corridors of memory to free a patient from the burden of a repressed traumatic memory. Each player plays a bit of the patient's mind and tries to use pleasant memories to unlock the elements of the core repressed memory. Then and only then may they help the patient confront the traumatic memory and re-frame it so as to better see its beneficial effects. Cards here:

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Remember that the picture on the card is just a jumping off point and need not be taken literally. A picture of a chain could symbolize connections, bondage, or simply a bicycle chain. Player one puts the chain card down and says "I remember my friend Alexander - he insisted on being called Xander - he convinced me that the mall wasn't too far away from my house to ride my bike to. Of course, halfway there, the chain on my bike broke." The player draws a card. If it is a token advancement card, the tokens advance. Play then passes clockwise to the next player.