PALACE has invented a drug to help investigation. It is called Mnemonis. Each synthesis of Mnemonis carries some portion of a candidate’s memories, and is able to imprint the experience of those memories in compressed time upon a subject.

PALACE has matched the candidate criminals with Treasury and Justice Agents who match the candidates’ physical attributes and whose profiles (and subsequent crystal engram imprints) have indicated the proper level of resonance with the target mnemonic identity. Thus each agent is matched with one candidate, charged with experiencing and reliving his or her life in short, concentrated bursts, to discover the seeds of thought and experience that may have lead to the theft of the keys. You are one of those agents.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

In this role-playing game, you’ll be creating two characters, the thief whose memories comprise your mnemonic identity and the agent charged to immerse in those memories through Mnemonis. Character creation is fast and simple, and should take less than ten minutes plus time for conversations, collaborations, and clarifications. When creating the background for your characters, you may feel free to give them some pre-established ties to the other players’ characters. That said, your agent and thief have never met, and won’t: you cannot have them both in the same scene at any time during play.