Stars Without Number

A roleplaying of the distant future, where a galaxy-spanning human race has met with near-total annihilation and is only slowly beginning to build itself up again. You play an interstellar adventurer with heroic skills, in a universe where alien races and psionic powers exist alongside stardrives and a varied range of technology.

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Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

Over the past six hundred years, humanity has slowly, painfully begun to heal the wounds of the Scream. Not all worlds were incapable of independent survival, and these hardy planets have become the lynchpins of stellar nations and miniature empires. Trade routes have revived with time and the building of new spike drives. Expeditions are regularly mounted to the tomb worlds of the outer core to scavenge what can be reclaimed from the bones of the dead past. Yet a pall hangs over these efforts. Great sacrifice has revived some of the old secrets of psychic training, but no world dares rely on psionic forces any longer. The nature of the Scream is still a mystery. Human space is a vast canvas of mystery to most. Ancient nav charts are long out of date. Alien races have since moved into many formerly human-held sectors, and there remain ruins of races that long predate mankind. Warlords and petty tyrants scheme to expand their stellar domains, and brave souls struggle to recover lost secrets. Stars without number await you.