A New Forum for Story Games Nerds - Launch!

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I know that I have long been grieving the loss of more persistent, non-ephemeral RPG discussion online. This forum here is one of the last remaining bastions of such discussion! (Thanks, Tod <3 )

I still have Story Games and Forge threads I refer to sometimes, for example, for great advice or play materials on specific games. (e.g. not long ago I started a Dogs in the Vineyard game, so I went and found a copy of Fort Lemon, and found some of Vincent's excellent advice on running Tower Creek, as well - this wouldn't be possible without those threads still being around)

In contrast, these days most people I know are just chatting on Slack and Discord and similar places. There are some great conversations happening, but they just disappear into the ether pretty darn fast.

A new forum focused on playing with purpose and acting as an international landing place for gamers from all over the world has just launched, to fill this gap a little. (Largely prompted by the Gauntlet shutting down.) I invite you to take a look and to say hello! It's only been up for a couple of hours and there's already some good chatter happening.

You're all welcome there! Cheers.