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Hanging around the cave


So there he was, squatting in the shadows as usual. When Rudy Luango stepped in gingerly to take a peek, Snerk reacted immediately. Although he has no charm at all, he can read minds, and knew what Rudy really wanted in life... Snerk was ready.



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Ok, Snerk, I need you to make an initiative roll. That's 1d6 but I'll give you a +1 for reading minds. Respond to this comment and you will see the dice roller button.


1d6. Result: (5) = 5

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Ok and here's Rudy's roll...

1d6. Result: (4) = 4

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Snerk, you actually could have typed "1d6+1." But either way you have the initiative, and your mind reading capability has enabled you to determine that Rudy is just lookin' for a place to whizz.

I'm just lookin' for a place to whizz!


Patiently, I observe from the shadows.

'Tis I, Lady Bacon, and I am drawing a card while rolling dice!

2d6.takehighest(1)+1. Result: (5, 5, 1) = 6
Card Draw: